*Crazy Aarons Strange Attractor Magnetic Putty w/Magnet 4 inch

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Black semi lifelike moving Strange Attractor Magnetic Putty w/Magnet 4 Inch

"Choose your favorite color. You can use Thinking Putty as a toy, a stress ball, a squeeze toy, or as therapy putty. As an office toy, Thinking Putty will draw the jealousy of your co-workers. As a toy, you will never be able to put it down. I promise!" - Crazy Aaron

Magnetic it moves and groves unlike anything you have seen before.  Is this thinking putty alive?  No, the Crazy Aarons will make you think it is though.

Magnetic Putty: When Super Magnetic Thinking Putty is stretched, molded, or shaped, the putty has no magnetic charge and behaves like any other Thinking Putty. However, in the presence of a magnetic field, its magnetic forces begin to align. Suddenly, a truly Super Magnetic Thinking Putty is created that will attract to one magnetic pole and repel from the other. Contains a ferrite magnet for use with the putty!
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