Crazy Aarons Copper Crush Precious Metals Putty 4 inch

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It’s easy to fall in love with something so extraordinary. A beautiful metallic sienna brown, this unique Thinking Putty, Copper Crush, shines with an array of golden bronze glitter.


"Choose your favorite color. You can use Thinking Putty as a toy, a stress ball, a squeeze toy, or as therapy putty. As an office toy, Thinking Putty will draw the jealousy of your co-workers. As a toy, you will never be able to put it down. I promise!" - Crazy Aaron

This shiny, glittery Thinking Putty is ideal for play and relieves stress and boredom. Snap, crackle, pop, and tear your thinking putty. It will not dry out, even if you leave it out of the tin!