Funko Hikari

Hikari, meaning ‘light’, is a highly collectible line of clear Japanese Sofubi Vinyl Figures.
These will be ultra-limited and piece runs will range from ultra rare 500pcs-5000pcs Limited edition depending on the treatment.

 Each Hikari piece will include a hand numbered card to prove authenticity and rarity. The first two lines of Hikari products are based on Exclusive Funko Limited Edition products .


Do to the nature of the product there may be some imperfections which may include imperfect issues such as, box paint  shelf wear, creases etc.   We will of course do our best to pick great quality products however and any major issue we see when packing we will inform you. Due to these variations however we will not be able to accept exchanges on any Funko products. .  Do to the limited availability of all items if you decide to Cancel any order orders you will receive a refund minus 10% of your total. 

Hikari Star Wars Premium Sofubi- Planet X Bossk 2015

Marvel Iron Man Molecular Hikari Premium Sofubi Vinyl Figure

Bloody Wampa Premium Hikari Sofubi Figure


4 Remaining

FUNKO Hikari Star Wars Bloody Wampa

Star Wars Wampa ice creatures were carnivorous predatory reptomammals indigenous to the remote Outer Rim Territories ice planet Hoth. Luke Skywalker as a young Jedi used one to stay warm and survive in the extreme cold.
Funko Hikari
Does Not Apply
Delivery time:5-7 Days
Only 1 Left!

Hikari Star Wars Premium Sofubi- Planet X Bossk 2015

This limited edition run sold out in hours.  Only 600 of the Funko Sofubi- Planet X Bossk were made and 1 Left.
Delivery time:5-7 Days
2 Remaining

Molecular Iron Man Funko Hikari Limited Edition

Tony Stark, a member of the Avengers super hero team, never had it so good wearing the Iron Man Molecular Hikari Premium Sofubi Vinyl Figure
Delivery time:5-7 Days