Hikari Star Wars Premium Sofubi- Planet X Bossk 2015

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This limited edition run sold out in hours.  Only 600 of the Funko Sofubi- Planet X Bossk were made and 1 Left.

Planet x Bossk from Star Wars is a limited edition run made in 2015.   This will sell out quickly and we have only a few pieces. 

This guy was a force to be reckoned with in the star wars movies

Vinyl Collection Series




Premium Hikari Sofubi Figure

Sofubi are generating a lot of buzz in American toy collector circles suddenly, but what exactly does that term mean?  Sofubi is a Japanese contraction meaning " soft vinyl" (ソフトビニール SOFUTO BINEERU).  The designation "Sofubi" refers both to the material used to create a figure, and to the design style, finishing techniques, and underlying  principles applied to each piece.  Generally speaking, classic sofubi are hand painted & detailed with multiple layers of paint deco, often with an airbrush to allow for smooth gradients, and sometimes even using paint rubs,  articulating the figure’s vinyl. Kaiju [monsters] and anime characters are favorites to portray in this medium, with styles produced in small runs only.   You may also see pieces called "Hikari", the Japanese word for light.  These figures are made of clear or transparent soft vinyl.