Crazy Aarons Putty Creatures Orange

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Crazy Aarons Putty Creatures Orange 4 Inch Tin

"Choose your favorite color. You can use Thinking Putty as a toy, a stress ball, a squeeze toy, or as therapy putty. As an office toy, Thinking Putty will draw the jealousy of your co-workers. As a toy, you will never be able to put it down. I promise!" - Crazy Aaron

Ages 3+. Thinking Putty Creatures have a unique texture and come with two Creature eyes!

Tear open the tin and grab your Thinking Putty Creature. Start stretching, twisting, snapping, and pulling. Mold the perfect Creature and then put in the eyes! But do it quickly, because your creature will "melt" in a few minutes and you will have to come up with another awesome design.

Each metal tin is hand packed with more than 1/8 lb (60g actually) of Crazy Aarons Orange Thinking Putty Creatures, much more than you get in a plastic egg!

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