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Animals are a great way to learn about life cycles, food cycles, and more!

Animals can be both fun and educational. They will help you learn about almost anything. Life cycles, food chains, how they live and react to different things, and much much more! Animals are exciting and keep everyone involved.

We have a variety of animal toys from classic Sock Monkeys to Hexbugs which react to light and sound.

(DCV) Sock Monkey Umbrella

Sock Monkey Face Umbrella by Schylling

Sock Monkey Jack In The Box

Sock Monkey Jack In The Box Tin Box by Schylling

Sock Monkey Purse

Sock Monkey Purse Red Heel by Schylling

Jumbo Sock Monkey

Giant Sock Monkey 3 ft. 9 in. Red Heel

Sock Monkey Baby Brown

Brown Baby Sock Monkey 7.5 Inch

Original Sock Monkey

Original 20 Inch Sock Monkey by Schylling

Sock Monkey Yo-Yo

Sock Monkey Tin Yo-yo by Schylling

Nesting Sock Monkeys

Sock Monkey Nesting Family (6 Set) Russion Style Dolls

Sock Monkey Lunch Box

Sock Monkey Tin Lunch Box by Schylling

Butterfly Life Cycle Stages

Butterfly Life Cycle Stages Insect Lore Toy Model Larva Egg Caterpillar Age 4+

Ant Life Stages

Ant Life Cycle Stages Insect Lore Toy Larvae Models Egg Pupa Age 4+

Blue Hexbug Nano Glows In The Dark

Blue HexBug Nano Glows in the Dark

Black Hexbug Crab Robot

Black HexBug Crab Robot Light Sound Sensor

Balancing Eagle 7

Toysmith Amazing Balancing Eagle 7 Inch

Flutterflies Dragonfly - Blue

Amazing Blue Flutterfly Balancing Dragonfly by Toysmith

Flutterflies Butterfly - Purple

Amazing Flutterflies Balancing Purple Butterfly by Toysmith

Flutterflies Butterfly - Pink

Amazing Flutterflies Balancing Pink Butterfly by Toysmith