Out of this world
It floats, it hovers, it levitates. Anti-Gravity Device

Anti-gravity Globe

What the heck is that the boss said when he took a look @ this gadget?

I had just set up the anti Gravity globe just hovering on my desktop and is was hovering.  I had comments the rest of the day about this strange device.

How does this work? Everyone had to know.  Well I told them the story of how aliens dropped down into the office last night and shrunk themselves and a antigravity device and were living inside.

Needless to say nobody really believed me, but hey, I tried.

Actually the floating globe is bowered by electricity and magnets.  What keeps this floating is inside the light globe are precisely placed magnets that allow this to levitate.  It really does not defy gravity but looks like it does.  Plug in the base and the advanced circuitry keeps this baby up in the air.

Imagine the oohs and ahhs you will get from this gadget.


Anti-Gravity Globe Levitron AG

A unique floating globe that is out of this world
Delivery time:5-7 Days