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Jellephish Mood Lamp COOL

We've seen some astonishing examples of mood lighting in our time but this ultra-modern masterpiece takes the biscuit. Indeed, in terms of style and functionality, the color changing, remote controlled Jellephish Mood Lamp takes the biscuit, smashes it with an anvil and blasts the crumbs into infinity aboard a rocket piloted by Cookie Monster.

In fact, this sleek piece of contemporary ambient lighting wouldn't look out of place in Jean Luc Picard's boudoir. It's not just about the Jellephish's stunning looks, the dome of the Jellephish mood lamp can cycle through an almost infinite palette of seductive colors, making it ideal for setting the mood in any scenario, livening up soirées or adding a sexy, chilled atmosphere to your home.

There's even a Sound to Light Mode that causes the Jellephish to change color in time to your music. And as if that's not enough, the Jellephish's dome can be individually mounted flush against a wall. Phew!



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Jellephish - Jellyfish - Hey we didn't name it but this light is super cool.  Whatever mood you wish to create, just set the remote control and enjoy the atmosphere you've just instantly created.
Sc-00157 Jellephish
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