Farkel Game Set with Dice Rolling Tray and Score Pad

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Farkel Game Set with Felt Padded Dice Rolling Tray Score Pad

Farkel Dice high point scoring game has been entertaining and challenging players for years. Along comes the Farkel Game Set which includes a deluxe dice tray with scoring combinations printed into the center felt cloth. Dice tray works wonders keeping those great rolls on the table and off the floor.Farkel Game set includes easy-to-understand instructions, 40 sheet score pad and two sets of jumbo 16 mm dice (6 black dice and 6 white dice; 19mm size - approximately 3/4 inch.)In Farkel there are a variety of scoring combinations. A Player's turn continues as long as they are rolling scoring combinations. Keep accumulating points on your turn as long as you roll scoring points. At some point a player decides to keep accumulated points and end their turn. OR, maybe feeling lucky, you decide to roll one more time. Whoops! Should a player not roll scoring dice they lose all accumulated points. There is a great balance between prudence and avarice.Set Includes

-Deluxe rolling Tray
-Two Sets Large 19mm Dice
-40 Sheet Score Pad
-Game Instructions
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