Musical Instruments

Music makes the world go round.  See our great musical instruments you can purchase.

Music - the wonderful sounds instruments can make.  Percussion, also known as drums, Brass such as trumpets and other wind instruments.

Firestix - Blue Light Up Drumsticks

Firestix Blue Light Up Acrylic Drum Sticks

Firestix - Green Light Up Drumsticks

Firestix Green Light Up Acrylic Drum Sticks

Firestix - Purple Light Up Drumsticks

Firestix Purple Light Up Acrylic Drum Sticks

Firestix - Red Light Up Drumsticks

Firestix Red Light Up Acrylic Drum Sticks

Firestix - Orange Light Up Drumsticks

Firestix Orange Light Up Acrylic Drum Sticks

Bontempi Four Key Saxophone

Bontempi Four Key Saxophone Children's Musical Instrument

Bontempi 8 Key Saxophone

Lets Make some Jazz with this Silver Bontempi Saxophone Musical Instrument

Bontempi Trumpet 16

Let's make some noise with the Bontempi trumpet. Made in Italy

Bontempi Marching Drum

Bontempi MD 2540/N Marching Drum ready to play some percussion.

Bontempi Drum Set w/ Stool

Bontempi Rock Drummer with Stool (4 Pieces)

Bontempi Clarinet

Bontempi Clarinet CL4431

Classic Tin Penny Whistle

Classic Tin Penny Whistle by Schylling

Plastic Recorder

Plastic Recorder by Schylling

Plastic Kazoo

Plastic Kazoo Musical Toy

Wooden Slide Whistle

Wooden Slide Whistle by Schylling

Jaw Harp

Bluegrass Jaw Harp by Schylling

Kikkerland Make Your Own Music Box Kit

Kikkerland 1200 Mechanical Steel Music Musical Box Set Make Your Own Music