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Funko SDCC and Hikari is Here at Science Toy Store  We specialize in providing educational toys such the Bananagrams anagram games. Home schooling ideas and insect kits..  Many of our science toys fall into the gadget category.

Funko SDCC 2012 Comic Con Collectibles- Some of these are out of this world.  I personally love the Star wars and batman SDCC Funko toys. Get some of these rare Comic Con 2012 Exclusives right now.

Levitron, Zero-G Sports and Floating Ideas - Teach about the workings of physics and magnetism with these great gifts.

Whats New @ Science Toy Store.  Well The Bender line of Products.  These adorable guys you will go hog wild about.
Be sure to see the new faucet lights and the Glow crystals that are solar powered.

 Need To Replace the Gel for your ant farm or get a new ant colony?  We we have the solution, The Replacement Ant Gel

New This Week  FUNKO Comic Con Toys and  the Skuut Balance Bike.  Kids love the wooden skuut as this bicycle allows them the ability to quickly transition from a 3 wheeler to 2 wheel bike.




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 Hog Wild Toys - Faucet Lights Lighting up your Faucet
New This Week the Bender Line of Toys.

Suck in the UK
Back in stock gel to replace your ant colony.  Replacement Ant Gel Here










































Kids Educational Toys

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Lotta toys on sale @
Mini Antquarium Portable
Antquarium  Science Kit Blue
Antquarium Hard Plastic Case Kit
Antquarium Hard Plastic Case Kit
Replacement Antquarium Gel

Copy of Antquarium Hard Plastic Case Kit

Anti-Gravity Globe

Barnyard Bender 6 pk

Laser Stars now in stock

T-Rex Dinosaur Bender 
Stegosaurus Dinosaur Bender
Triceratops Dinosaur Bender
Pterodactyl Dinosaur Bender 
Brontosaurus Dinosaur Bender
Caveman Bender
5 Dinasaur Benders plus Caveman
6 Pack Extreme Benders
Hot Rod Monkey Car 2 pack Motorized
6 Pack Mop Top Benders
3 pk. Space Monkey Benders
Super Heros Benders single pack
6 Pack Super Hero Bender
6 pack Zoo Benders
Gearup Circular Clock
Gearup Orange Hand Clock
XP3 Ultra Clock
Faucet Lights
Glow Brick Free Shipping
Sun Jar -Glow Jar
Glow Crystal 
Faucet Light Blue
COMBO Faucet Light Red + Blue Leds
Floating Ideas Base Unit with Light and GLOBE
Floating Ideas Base Unit with Light and LCD CLOCK
Jellephish - Jellyfish Mood Lamp SALE FREE SHIPPING
Levitron Cherrywood
The Omega™ Levitron
Levitron Self Starter
Levitron Platinum Pro + Starter
Levitron Perpetuator
Moo Mixer Supreme
Moo Mixer
Natures Fire Volcano Lamp
Plantarium Greenhouse
Plantarium Garden Lab MS3 3 pkg 
Mini Plantarium Greenhouse
Mini Greenhouse Portable With Belt Clip

Set of 3 Plantarium Vials

Ant Gravity Globe

1 Plantarium Vial
Retro-Rockin' Radio 
Sun Jar
Blue-Silver Stellanova Levitating Globe 
Blue/Silver Stellanova Levitating Globe Blue Base
Brown Silver Stellanova Levitating Globe Brown Base

Brown-GoldStellanova Levitating Globe Gold Base


Antique Stellanova Levitating Globe Black Base
Titan 8" Levitating Globe Antique
Titan 8" Levitating Globe Political Blue
Titan 8" Levitating Globe Blue/Silver
Top Secret
Zero G Sports - Levitating Soccer Ball
Zero-G Sports Levitating Basketball
Zero-G Sports Levitating Golf Ball
Zero-G Sports Levitating Baseball
Barnyard Benders
6 pack Blue Benders
Extreme Benders Single Packs
Single Hot Rod Monkey Bender Car
Mop Top Benders
Pirate Benders
6 Pack Pirate Benders
Zoo Benders
Ant Gel Lab
Replacement Plant Gel Lab 

The Bed Fan

Kikkerland Rainbow Makers Double

Dinosaur Benders

Hog Wild



Stellanova Levitating Globe

Space Monkey

Suck UK

Blue Bender We are so Jazzy

Mop Tops are awesome

Barnyard Benders