Crazy Aarons Ion Glow 4 Inch Putty

Crazy Aarons Putty World
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White by day and Glows blue at night this Crazy Aarons Ion Glow 4 Inch Putty set.


"Choose your favorite color. You can use Thinking Putty as a toy, a stress ball, a squeeze toy, or as therapy putty. As an office toy, Thinking Putty will draw the jealousy of your co-workers. As a toy, you will never be able to put it down. I promise!" - Crazy Aaron

Crazy Aarons Ion Glow 4 Inch Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty is hypnotic and irresistible! Milky white in daylight, their glow magically appears when the lights dim. You can use our Blacklight Keychain to write messages on the putty and draw special designs. You can even do cool tricks with Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty. After exposure to light (the brighter, the better), these colors will glow for hours. Glow in the picture is a representation. Putty is a milky white color during the day.
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