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Natures Fire

Wow! A Volcano that will keep on erupting.  That's what you get with Natures Fire.  Fascinations Natures Fire produces some stunning effects.

Nature's Fire by Fascinations brings together the dynamics of earth, fire and water in an amazing kinetic sculpture! Bejewelled lava continuously erupts, creating an astonishing visual display. Natures Fire hypnotic soft lights enhance the eruptions in multi-chromatic patterns. Features multicoloured LED lighting system with no bulbs to replace. Contains a USA power adapter and requires only a few drops of washing liquid and distilled water and contains an on-off switch. It is easy to operate, durable, and has a modern artistic design. Great for home, office or dorm. Stands 9.7 inches high.

Natures Fire Volcano Lamp

Nature's Fire brings the dynamics of earth, fire and water together in this amazing kinetic sculpture.
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