Now that you have acquired your LEVITRON® and have (Presumably mastered the art of spinning the top and placing it in its position of stable levitation, you are perhaps beginning to feel the full sense of wonderment

LEVITRON® excites in many people. We receive numerous queries from floating toy lovers owners asking for an explanation of how the it levitates . Many express puzzlement that it works at all, often citing a theorem due to Earnshaw (1,2) as proof that it should not work. Interest in the this magnetic itemhas always run high among scientists.  

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Levitron Cherrywood

Levitron Cherrywood by fascinations toys model number lev24. What this is is a brand-new  version of the first magnetic floating top! This extremely cool altar model toy is made possible through the use of advanced neodymium iron boron magnets. The lev24 Cherry Wood lever trying is the coolest antigravity top in existence.  See the cool video.

  • LEV21

The Omega™ Levitron

The Omega™ Levitron  lev25 by fascinations top floats freely above it's base, operating at twice the height as the original. It is amazing to see as it floats freely in space with no strings attached!

  • Lev25
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Levitron Self Starter

Not so nimble fingers then you need the Self Starter?
Fasc Levss

Levitron Platinum Pro + Starter DC

The Levitron Platinum Pro is amazing to see as it floats freely in space with no strings attached. This version of the Levitron features a futuristic design.

An advanced version of the original Levitron™ magnetic floating top. This advancement is made possible through the use of high-powered, neodymium iron boron magnets. Features easier spinning, higher floating, neodymium powered fun! Flying saucer look with high flying features. The advanced design includes adjustable legs for ease in leveling the device. Challenging to operate, but suitable for ages 8 and up.
Fasc Lev 22
  • LEV22

Levitron Perpetuator DC

Our Perpetuator™ keeps your all Magnetic Levitron® Anti-Gravity Tops floating, or even weeks, by emitting gentle magnetic pulsesfrom its electrically powered base. A/C adapter included.
  • LEVD


The Great Levitron spinning top


The Smoking Levitron

A pretty cool video we saw on utube.  Preparied to be amazed by the wonders of physics.  Newton and other scientist would never have believed it was possible to levitate anything.  I didnt until i saw one hovering in mid air..