Floating Ideas

The Whole World Floating On Your Desk!
Who needs an atlas when you can have a floating globe? Using powerful magnets and electronics to suspend itself in mid air, the awesome Magnetic Globe defies both gravity and belief. Not only does it float, it also rotates, so you can have the world spinning on your desk!

Whether you set it up on a desk at the office or at home, this anti-gravity globe will have people doing a double take and they’ll soon be mesmerized.

Bring the eye-catching appeal of magnetic levitation to life with the coolest desktop gadget around.

Floating Ideas™ is the world's coolest levitating gadget!

Advanced, patented magnetic-field technology means this is the most stable levitating product available. Features a silent auto-rotating mechanism that turns objects clockwise, counter-clockwise or you can shut the rotation off.

The standard Floating Ideas™ is supplied with your choice of an elegant blue-silver globe or a LCD Clock with date and temprature, in addition to a growing variety of levitating objects of art. Get a classic car, vintage DC-3 plane, high-tech Stealth Fighter, out-of-this-world Space Shuttle or photo frame, and simply pop it into your Floating Ideas™.

Item Dim. 12.0"L x 10.0"W x 5.5"D

Floating Ideas Includes:

  • Base

  • Globe or LCD Clock

  • Adapter

  • Instructions