Antquariums are wonderful gifts to study and learn - developed from NASA technology and tested on a Space Shuttle.

Watch ants live and burrow into the highly nutritious, transparent and non toxic gel, creating an amazing pattern of tunnels in the Antquarium.
Antquariums were developed from NASA technology by Globus created to study and understand the development of animal life without gravity. The Antquarium gel has special properties ensuring it does not compress and crush the ants by the immense g forces during NASA Space Shuttle take off. May 2000 saw Space Shuttle S.T.S. 107 circumnavigate the earth with the antquariums on board. The transparent gel allowed NASA scientists to observe and study the ants during the space flight.

Makes a great fun and educational gift for children. Most of the ants found in town or the countryside can be inserted into the container. Every ant will create different series of channels inside the container, giving you the chance to discover the fascinating life of these insects, thanks to the incredible transparent gel.

Besides being their house, the gel is also their food. The containers contains the air necessary for the ants to survive, however, you can open it for a moment every 30 days, in order to aerate the container. It is advisable not to insert more than 15 ants per container. Do not insert other insects, ants of different species or other objects inside the Antquarium container.



Live Ants

20-25  Live Ants



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This beautiful superantquarium has a slightly rounded shape and contains the special transparent media where ants build their habitat creating new and unpredictable paths and tunnels.

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Antquarium Science Kit


Contains antquarium, ants are separate but we can send them.
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Replacement Antquarium Gel

The Antquarium Gel

Comes as a solid in chunks,

Please place in your existing antquarium or other ant colony unit and put in microwave. Works in other gel based farms.

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