Magic Plant

Many people wonder what the magic plant is.  Well it is a wonderful concept of how you can grow a real live plant in a can with special messages.  A novel idea for the budding gardener or any kid or adult for that matter as they are not age limited.

So what do you do?  Basically pop open the can and add water to the soil just like you would a regular garden plant.  Depending on the species or growth cycle of the item in as little as 5 days you can sometimes see it sprouting from the soil and it is alive.  No wonder it's called the magic plant that has a patent by NSL and is a hit.

One that you do not want the kids to touch however is the Ghost Pepper as this is the hottest pepper in the world.


Nature's Greeting Grow from NSL Magic Plant on Vimeo.

Ghost Chili Magic Plant (bhut jolokia)

Ghost Chili Magic Plant (bhut jolokia)