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We know the Faucet light looks cool but see what other people say.

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Faucet lights Customer Comments

Great Product and ease of use

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Great Product and ease of use


Just want to comment on my recent purchase of the two-colored faucet light.  I am very satisfied with my purchase.  I was very impress with the ease of installation, and it did work in accordance to your claims.

I will definitely purchase probably two (2) more for my house.  I am sure once my family and friends see this gadget they too will probably purchase at least one.

I would like to make recommendation about this product.  Can you design a similar product for the shower light?  Instead of the colors blue and red, why not try to make it a multi-colored water filtration, eg. blue-green-red-fuschia-yellow.  Or have it do blue (cool-cold) to purple (medium temperature) to yellow-red (warm to hot) I believe it would be a nice novelty to sell.

Please reply if you are planning such a project.